Snowcrash office and showroom

A new office and showroom for Snowcrash. Winner of Core Design, 2001.

An old industrial building was remodelled to create new facilities for Snowcrash in the southern harbour district of Stockholm.  With the idea to create a contemporary environment which would communicate Snowcrash’s ideals, we opted for open and fluid solutions rather than a closed and final form.

The main design element is a continuous free-form glass wall inserted into the existing warehouse structure. By twisting and turning, the glass enclosure generates spaces of different character, creating unexpected, landscape-like situations and views. The glass panes are screen printed with a pattern developed to provide a precise visual function and spatial effect. The result is a spatial experiment where the undulating glass core creates defined places within the premises; showroom, east office, kitchen and west office.

As no doors are placed in the glass facing the open office, a visual and spatial pause is created in the transition from work to meeting. Deep grey in the passageways underlines this spatial contrast. The colour scheme is otherwise atelier-like; with light, neutral tones.

As many of the Snowcrash products have a mobile attitude, the concept is plug-in; for example lighting and acoustic panels. The glass panes can be stacked like a deck of cards and moved to be recycled in a future office.