Restaurant Box

tva-restaurant box-3Compact catering in Stureplan, Stockholm.

Stureplan is the place in Stockholm where business, shopping and nightclubbing all coincide. At all times there are people on the move, going to their next meeting or date. In its centre, the sculpture Svampen (The Mushroom) has been a well-known meeting point ever since the era of the tramways.

The client wanted a small unit to include a compact kitchen, a bar, dish-services as well as a large cooled exposure of food and beverages.

tva-restaurant box-2Inspired by this situation the new restaurant-box was designed to meet its around-the-clock urban environment. During daytime it opens up to provide straight forward self-service; at night it is a closed cube – a big lamp to guide late nightclubbers on their way to the next bar. The perforated facades filter the sunlight during the day and give a warm light from the inside at night. This facade pattern also makes the box resist the realities of urban everyday life;street dust, tagging and sometimes turbulent nightlife.

tva-restaurant box-1The nearly square volume is tilted in its diagonal. Its proportions were given by the maximum size object that can be transported through the viaducts to the north of Stockholm. With its deliberate instable form, the result is a piece of both mobile and changing architecture, it can be seen each year from April to September.

Utbredning.pdfThe construction is thought from the top down, where the roof and facades meet at 90° while the floor is inclined at 5°. This gives the characteristic geometry of the tilted block, which is built throughout in stainless steel, aluminium, water-resistant plywood and glass (etched and clear white-glass).