Light Houses exhibition in Helsinki (FI)

Tham-&-Videgård---Sweden---01---Light-Houses---Photo-by-Museum-of-Finnish-Architecture-and-Ilari-Järvinen-for-WEBTham & Videgård is part of the exhibition “Lighthouses – Young Nordic Architecture” at the Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki, Finland from June 5th to September 22nd. Read More »

KTH new Architecture School on site

The new School of Architecture and Campus Entrance for the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, is now under construction (24.4.2013). Completion is scheduled for 2015. More on the project here.

New Kiruna

Tham & Videgård in a team with British practices Territorial Agency and A_zero Environmental Architects, has been invited after international pre-qualification to propose an urban design and a strategy for the new city center of Kiruna.

The project of the T&V team uses available land as well as existing and planned infrastructure to establish a new and dense urban settlement. This would allow Kiruna to escape from being a town depending so heavily on the visual reference to the mine and instead become an urban place in its own right. The proposal also corresponds precisely to the need for new and relocated building mass to secure the realization of the vision. Read More »

Moscow lecture (RU)

T&V lecture at ArtPlay in Moscow.
21 May 2013 at 19.00h
10 Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St. build. 2, 7th floor (ARTPLAY)
Moscow 105120, Russia
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Detail seminar in Oslo (NO)

On the invitation from NAL (Architects League of Norway ) T&V will participate and lecture at the seminar in Oslo titled From Architectural Concepts to Detail.
9 April 2013 09h-16h. T&V lecture at 13.45h
Arkitektenes Hus, Josefines gate 34, Oslo Read More »


Gateau Kista, Tham & Videgård Arkitekter
T&V has designed a series of new Gateau shops in Stockholm and Malmö/Lund. Shops in Helsinki, Finland and St Petersburg, Russia are scheduled to open during fall 2013. The interior is completely built of carrara marble and features the T&V Top Lamp.

Electron Microscope / Ångströmhouse

T&V_Electron microscope_4
The laboratory building that Tham & Videgård has designed for a new electron microscope is now completed and in use. It is located at the the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the Linköping University.

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Tübingen Lecture (DE)

T&V lecture at Tübingen University in Germany in the Architektur Heute series.
Organized by the History of Art-Society and the Chamber of Architects in Tuebingen, Bund Deutscher Architekten, Kreisgruppe Neckar-Alb, Architekten kammer Baden-Württemberg, Kammergruppe Tübingen.
29 January 2013 at 20.00h
Kupferbau der Universität Tübingen, Hörsaal 22,
Gmelinstraße 8 / Hölderlinstraße 5 statt. Read More »

Karlshamn Library and House of Culture

Invited competition for a new library and house of culture in the harbour of Karlshamn in southern Sweden. The concave facades define public spaces around the building and create a characteristic unity on the irregularly shaped site. Continuous glass facades maximize the sea view from both floors and make the program inside a visible part of public space outside. Read More »

Estonian Academy of Arts lecture (EE)

T&V lecture at the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallin.
LHV (Tartu mnt 2), entrance from Laikmaa street
27 November 2012 at 19.00h

Summerhouse Lagnö

Lagnö 1 web 025Completion of Summerhouse at Lagnö in the Stockholm archipelago. The building sits on the border between a forest and the coast line. A sequence of interconnected pitched roofs made of natural cast concrete create interior spaces of varying size and heights. Small rooms for entrance, bath, kitchen and sleeping constitute a thick wall towards the north, while a continuous open space for living and dining opens up to the south with vast views over the neighboring islands, the Baltic sea and the horizon.
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Odense Student housing

Odense 1T&V’s proposal for new Student housing at the Univeristy of Southern Denmark: a college in six low-energy buildings create a series of external social spaces within a landscaped park area. The result is a campus that operates like a filter that link public movement from the citycore in the north through to the green areas in the south and east.
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Moving Kiruna

Tham & Videgård in a team with british practices Territorial Agency and A_zero Environmental Architects, has been invited after international pre-qualification to propose an urban design and a strategy for the new city center of Kiruna. Read More »

Venice Architecture Biennale 2012

T&V is invited to exhibit in the Nordic Pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition, directed by David Chipperfield and titled Common Ground: ”The emphasis of the 2012 Biennale is on what we have in common. Above all, the ambition of Common Ground is to reassert the existence of an architectural culture, made up not just of singular talents but a rich continuity of diverse ideas united in a common history, common ambitions, common predicaments and ideals.”
LIGHTHOUSES at the Nordic Pavilion, Giardini. Aug 29 – Nov 25 2012 Read More »

ECOLA Award 2012 – 1st Prize

Atrium House on Gotland wins 1st prize in the 2012 ECOLA-Award, Berlin, Germany. This is the 7th edition of the ECOLA-Award, which is organised every two years. 19 architects from 13 European countries nominated 140 projects for the architecture award. Read More »

New Nordic at the Louisiana

T&V to exhibit as part of the New Nordic – Identity & Architecture exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition in 2012 is about a concept or phenomenon that is arousing renewed global interest – the idea of the distinctively Nordic. Nordic stock is high at present, from politics and welfare to cuisine and design, and the year’s exhibition offers a take on what the Nordic actually is – and what such ideas mean for our societal and cultural development.
June 29 – October 21, 2012
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Gl. Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk, Denmark

Abitare Minimo Exhibition

T&V participate at the Abitare Minimo exhibition at the MAGA, Museo Arte Gallarate in Italy. It is co-organized by the Politecnico di Milano, the NABA Academy and the MAGA Museum: Small Scale Architecture is the construction of an expanded concept of sustainability, beyond the use of new materials and technologies, dealing with the correct and gradual economic-social development. This experimental work want to offer practical solutions to real needs, and boost positive processes in the community where they operate. A new kind of architecture strongly linked to the landscape, a positive critic to the “bulimic” consumption of the territory, resources, energies and cultures”.
12 May – 7 July 2012
Museo Arte Gallarate, Via De Magri, 1 Gallarate, Italy

Moscow Architecture Biennale

Moscow B2
Tellus Nursery School
will be part of the NORDIC ID exhibition on contemporary architecure at the 17th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design; Arch Moscow 2012.
23 to 27 May 2012.
Central House of Artists, Krymsky val 10, Moscow. Read More »

New book: Luoghi dell’Abitare

Italian publisher Casa Editrice Libria has published a book on the houses and housing projects by Tham & Videgård titled Luoghi dell’Abitare (Places for living). It presents a selection of buildings from the twelve years in practice and an essay by Riccardo Butini; italian architect, researcher and teacher at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence. Casa Editrice Libria, Melfi, 2012 (ISBN: 9788896067765) Language: English / Italian.

Best Wooden Building Award 2012

Tree Hotel nominated for Best Wooden Building in Sweden 2012 by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation’s architects jury.