Odense Student housing

Odense 1T&V’s proposal for new Student housing at the Univeristy of Southern Denmark: a college in six low-energy buildings create a series of external social spaces within a landscaped park area. The result is a campus that operates like a filter that link public movement from the citycore in the north through to the green areas in the south and east.

Odense 2Street view of central walking and bicycle path towards the high main building. The quality of the dark-burnt brick and profiling of the facades contribute to a stronger effect of shadow and light that gives the surface depth and a character.

Odense interior 3bEach building is based around a full height atrium that constitute a common social space holding the vertical communication and also functions as a buffer volume that help to create a stable interior climate. With a relatively compact footprint, building heights are adjusted to fit with neighboring streets and landscape spaces. A ten storey tower marks the entrance of the area as well as the start of the University campus.

Invited competition 2012.
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