North Calotte symposium #6, Kirkenes (NO)

Nordkalottsymposium 2014











Tham & Videgård will present built works and projects located north of the Polar Circle at the 6th North Calotte Symposium themed The Polar Particular. The three days program also including contributions by Peter Zumthor and Snøhetta, will address the challenges of today, not least the pressure by the exploitation of natural resources, and aim to develop sustainable strategies for the future.
5-7 Sept 2014
Kirkenes / Vardø, Norway

”The North Calotte faces a vast range of challenges in the coming years, initiated to a large extent by a great interest in natural resources; oil, gas and minerals. These structural changes wipe out the boundaries between local and global; local becomes global. Several towns are booming and moving as a result of this, and there is a great demand for investments in infrastructure, and great pressure to meet requirements for residential areas and social welfare for its inhabitants. The booming towns are also facing modern nomadism, where employees fly in on Mondays and fly out on Fridays – threatening to leave the social structures of towns in a limbo. At the same time smaller towns and villages experiences depopulation, and struggle to convince the younger generations that they can realize their dreams in the subarctic. The traditional lifestyle of the North Calotte with reindeer herding, fishing and living in close connection with nature is under pressure by the exploitation of natural resources. The relationship with nature is a unique quality of life for many people living in the subarctic, realized by a great variation of means – snow scooters, kiting, hunting and hiking. So what is polar particular? How should we meet these challenges of today, and develop sustainable strategies for the future? The circumpolar north all share geographical, climatical and demographical similarities. How to make this work to our advantage, and create a new understanding for time and place.”