Naturum Laponia

tva-laponia-02Naturum Laponia, visitor centre for the Laponia world heritage area, Sweden.
The building rises from the ground into a distinct silhouette that enables the visitor centre to both stand out, and connect to, the vast north Swedish mountain region. Contruction is inspired by the use of natural and recyclable materials developed by the Sami people for their nomadic lifestyle. The interior consists of a series of spaces under an undulating roof, which opens upto views of the mountainous landscape and the Stuor Muorkke water falls.






The Laponian World Heritage area 1996, Unesco:
“The Committee decided to inscribe the nominated property on the basis of natural and cultural criteria. The Committee considered that the site is of outstanding universal value as it contains examples of ongoing geological, biological and ecological processes, a great variety of natural phenomena of exceptional beauty and significant biological diversity including a population of brown bear and alpine flora. It was noted that the site meets all conditions of integrity. The site has been occupied continuously by the Saami people since prehistoric times, is one of the last and unquestionably largest and best preserved examples of an area of transhumance, involving summer grazing by large reindeer herds, a practice that was widespread at one time and which dates back to an early stage in human economic and social development”.

A Naturum is a visitor centre with activities and exhibitions, located in connection with several of Sweden’s national parks and nature reserves.
Client: Naturvårdsverket and Länsstyrelsen i Norrbottens län
Location: Stour Muorkke / Stora sjöfallet, Lapland, Sweden. Project 2009